Tile Maintenance Tips


Tiles are a pretty low maintenance material. Over time, tile doesn’t rot like wood does. A tiled wall won’t chip like a painted wall will. It looks great, no matter how many years go by.


It’s important to note, however, that low maintenance doesn’t mean that a tiled surface cleans itself. With just a little bit of cleaning and a few precautions, your tiles will last a really long time--looking brand new.

  1. Clean hard water deposits, mildew, and soap scum by using a multipurpose spray cleaner. These are designed for everyday use on wall tile surfaces, as well as bath and showers.

  2. Prevent the buildup of grout by cleaning periodically. To remove surface buildup, use a daily household or commercial cleaning product.

  3. Test your scouring powders and sealants first! Apply on a small area before cleaning the full surface.

  4. After installation, use the sealer on grout joints.

  5. Rinse the entire area with clear, clean water after cleaning. This will remove residue left by the cleaning solution.

  6. Don’t DIY unless you are experienced. Repairing any damaged or broken tiles should be done by a professional. A qualified tile contractor should be contacted to replace and remove the tiles.

  7. Place floor mats under under heavy furniture to avoid risk of scratching.

  8. You can also place mats and rugs at entrances and exits to prevent dirt and corrosive substances from getting tracked in.

  9. Don't use acid or bleach on a regular basis.

  10. Avoid wax-based cleaner and oil-based detergents.

  11. Use sealants ONLY on grout joints.

  12. Never use scouring pads containing metal on tile.  

  13. Do not clean an unfazed tile with an agent that contains color to avoid risk of staining.

  14. Apply a stone floor finish to your polished natural stone floors to enhance the shine of your tiles. Applying it will also create a protective layer for soft finished or polished marble surfaces.

  15. We hope these tips are useful to you as your tile contractor completes the installation process.