Euroker Porcelain

Porcelain is a versatile material like no other. It looks like a fragile surface because it exudes elegance and aesthetic, but its modern, more practical applications will astound you.

Porcelain has waterproof qualities. Absorption of water is almost nonexistent, making it a very impermeable and durable material. Moreover, it is resistant to frost and fire, making it able to withstand extreme temperatures. Sunlight does not affect the quality of color, so you know upon installment, that the look of your tile will stay the same for a long time.

This translates to the overall function of its surface. Because it is non-porous, porcelain also has a high resistance to scratching, staining, and chemicals. Not only is the material easy to clean and tremendously hygienic, it’s strong and sustainable. As a 100% natural product, this is a material you can trust.

Why large-format porcelain?

Large tiles allow for faster installment. They also help in the cleaning process, since less seams prevent the build-up of bacteria and dirt between tiles. This seamlessness during the application process also has its advantages post- installation, as the large-format tiles create the look of a more spacious, open environment. Another benefit to the large format is its advantage for energy optimization, particularly when considering under-floor heating.


So. What can you use porcelain slabs for? While the most common applications include indoor and outdoor walls and floor, it is also used simply for its aesthetic qualities, like for glued or ventilated facades and other interior decorations. This sturdy material works well when used for benches, isles, countertops and vanity units--and other such surfaces that require a material to be modern, elegant, and tough.