Hexagon All Over

Perhaps a tiled floor is not exactly an innovation, but there are more ways than one to cover a surface.  People love the hexagon tile cut. It’s a contemporary  tile that adds some interesting shapes and patterns to any area.

Mosaic Seating

While tiled sofa chairs might not be the most comforting seat in the world, a lot of detail goes into the making of mosaic-tiled thrones.

Patterned Steps

Why not make your life easier? Install tiles. They’ll have a sleeker, more professional look, and you won’t risk the pattern chipping like paint or detaching like vinyl.

Outdoor Chess Set

It’s great to think outside the box, but sometimes, it’s great to simply think outside. Take your chess set outdoors by recreating the board using square tiles of a contrasting pair of light and dark colors. And if you don’t have a life-size chess set, it’s always fun to have people act as the chess pieces.

Timeless Clocks

Although tiles are a timeless material, you can use them to decorate your clocks. This example turns a simple ceiling tin tile into a gorgeous time-teller.

Tiled Drawers

Just as you can add mosaic to a sofa structure, you can add tiles to pre-fabricated furniture. Add a beautiful Spanish tile to the surface of your dresser drawers to fashion a stylish storage for your clothes.

Lantern Sconce

This beautiful lantern sconce design was created with a long, thin tile nailed to a block of wood. It’s amazing how simple this DIY is, and how elegantly a tile can shine on its own.

Gorgeous Paths

Make an entrance with a beautiful mosaic pattern leading to points of focus throughout your space.  This bath looks all the more peaceful with blue and green tones outlining a path toward it.

Sturdy, Shiny Tables

Another application of tiles to existing furniture can be used for tables. Tables, like floors and walls, offer a nice surface to showcase the beauty of your chosen tile. Whether it’s an intricate Turkish mosaic or a simple glass tile surface, the colors will be visible and emphasized.

Plant Pots

Don’t plot your plants in regular terra cotta. Create a modern, sleek design with some simple tiles. Here, the combination of black and white adds a slight retro feel, with an interesting sprouting of green leaves giving it a natural touch.

A Modern Fireplace

While you probably won’t need a fireplace if you live in Florida, international and out-of-state projects can benefit from the magic off fireplace tiling. This combination, again, of black and white allows compliments the modern choice of the chimney.


An easy, low-cost DIY that really ties a room together, this framed tile looks magical on a shelf, or on a bedside table. A lot of thought and detail goes into the design of our tiles, and so, with a simple wooden frame, the tile’s intricacy can really shine, becoming a work of art when displayed.

Surprise Mosaics

This has to be one of our favorite ways to incorporate tilework into the fine details of a space. A tray lined with different mosaics becomes a beautiful mode for displaying dishes and glasses. It’s a lovely touch to a common object and can really show how much thought you’ve put into creating an environment