Tile Imports from A to Z

Kertiles History

Kertiles has been a leading brand name in the interior decoration industry for over 40 years. The company was founded in Castellon, Spain, one of the largest production and design centers for ceramic tile in the world. The founder, Mr. Juan Marcos Jimenez, has been a pioneer in the industry. After having traveled throughout Europe and America he envisioned a world where ceramic tile, a decoration material traditionally used in his natal Mediterranean architecture,  would be used in every modern house. Following this ideal and with limited resources, he set up Kermar SA, an export office dedicated to the promotion and sales of the locally manufactured ceramic tiles to other parts of the world. After many years of personal sacrifice and innumerable travels, sales started to grow and so did the local office and brand name. Today he is valued as a precursor of the billion dollar ceramic tile export industry.

Kertiles Concept


Funded in 1996 Kertiles USA has grown into an industry standard for quality and service. Since our inception, our focus has been providing a high quality porcelain product at the most competitive price.

Our first objective is to build solid and long lasting relationships with our distribution partners. Kertiles can provide your retail store with modern displays to showcase all our products. Our trained sales force will make sure our space in your showroom is always managed professionally.

Kertiles also has a strong Value Engineering department. We dedicate vast amount of our resources into manufacturing project tailored tiles. Bring your plans to our Design Center and our team will help you decorate your next project.


The brand Euroker was created on 2014 as a response to market growing demand of high quality European imported product. All Euroker product is 100 % designed and manufactured in Europe. This brand has opened new markets to the Kertiles group and strengthen the value of our product portfolio with our distribution partners.


This 2017 we are proud to introduce our new brand Kerdecora. The Kertiles group understands the needs of the interior decoration market to widen the material and color choices. We merge old production methods with new technologies to create mosaics, hand crafted tiles, and a variety of other specialty products for the interior decor.


We hope our business can continue to grow and service your decoration needs. Let us know how to improve, we are always listening...